Loren & Mary Ruth Wilkinson's Pt.1

One of the fun things I've been able to do since being in B.C. is join one of Regent College's soup groups. Our soup group meets around the subject of gardening, and more specifically tending the Regent Garden. This past spring we had the joy of journeying to Regent professor Loren and Mary Ruth Wilkinson's house to help take care of their garden and general needs around their farm. We spent three days there and this first blog post will cover the short but sweet first day. You'll notice that this blog post will be much shorter than the next two and doesn't include photos of the farm; its much more like an introduction to some of the people and the house than a thorough investigation of the farm. The time spent outside amidst the garden and the sheep will come in my later in my blog posts. Hope you  enjoy this intro.