My time with Rebekah always has a sweetness and a sincerity to it that I enjoy. I consider these some of the most appropriate and accurate pictures I have taken of Rebekah because I believe they do capture some of that sincerity and sweetness, but even more her beauty, purity, joy and Spirit. So it is great joy that I share these with you! 

Within the first week of moving out to Vancouver Rebekah made our city part of her west coast tour and spent a few days with us. At the core of Rebekah is deep well of gratitude, love, and adoration for Jesus Christ. She has taught me much in how she has journeyed with God and has sought to share his love with those around her. One thing Rebekah loves is dancing, so when we went on a walk in my new neighborhood and found this wonderful little alley where we pulled aside and took some pictures and to have Rebekah dance.