a short update

We officially moved!!!!

And because of that I haven't blogged forever. Sorry for the long period of silence, friends. But not to worry,  I'm here to catch you up on the Leith family happenings; at least, this part of the Leith family:)

The night of August 2nd, Carson's family generously helped us pack everything into our car and a small trailer that we would pull behind us. We stayed up all night getting everything out of the house and into the trailer until it was finally finished. We woke early the next morning, sadly said our goodbyes with teary eyes to a family we love so very much and then began our journey north. We took 4 days to reach Vancouver, stopping along the way to visit with family and friends. It was an odd feeling, a mix of sadness about who and what we were leaving behind, but also a strong sense of excitement and anticipation as we dreamed together about who and what God was bringing before us. The drive became a really good space for us to think and talk through things, future and past. We also had the delight of eating a lot of great food both in people's homes and out on the town. It is wonderfully refreshing to see dear friends that you don't often see. It seems we have begun developing a path up and down the west coast with regular stops along the way. It's a comforting thought to me to know the journey back to California will be a little friendlier because of that. There is so much I could say about our travels, but I'll keep it short.  I'll be posting some more updates on what our new place is like, adjustments I've been making and what Vancouver is like. It's a beautiful place that I am really looking forward to sharing with you guys and do hope some of you can come visit soon. Or if you already live up here please do reach out and we will grab coffee.

P.S.-the photo below is from a different road trip. I just really like the photo and wanted to share. It was taken on Vancouver Island.