Jeremiah & Lauren: Hahamounga Park

I met Lauren and Jeremiah a couple months ago after they had been referred to my by my sister-in-law, and I enjoyed an afternoon coffee getting to know them and hear their story. I always love time spent getting to know people. It's a pleasure for me to hear how their stories have intertwined as well as the unexpected growth and change they have experienced as they have been brought together. Lauren and Jeremiah initially met on a blind date (how awesome is that!). If you're around them for a short while you can see why their friends chose to set them up: they work wonderfully together. 

In our time together at Hahamounga Park I was taken back not only by how much fun I had with these two, but what I was able to learn about how they have grown by being in relationship with one another. That is such a key sign to me that two people are a good match: healthy growth.

Lauren and Jeremiah are also full of amazing skills and talents. Both are musical and as we sat in the park, Lauren played her little green ukulele and they both started singing to me!! And they were both so good! In addition I found out that they have taken swing dancing classes together AND that Lauren knows how to break dance!! Seriously, so so many cool points. The list continues people. Jeremiah loves soccer and has some serious skills. Do any of you soccer players out there remember what a bicycle kick is?? For those of you that don't know, it's a pretty advanced move where you start standing and then begin falling backward, almost like you are doing a back flip but not quite. As you are falling back you kick the soccer ball while it is in mid air. It's insane to see in live games, and a little easier to do if you're just juggling the ball yourself rather than having it fly at you and timing your kick with the pace the ball is traveling at you. Anyways, as someone who played soccer from the time I was in in kindergarden to age 18, I was VERY impressed. This is also the move Jeremiah pulled right before asking Lauren to be his girlfriend. Perfect timing I would say ;)

I could say so much more about these two, but I will go ahead and let you enjoy them for yourselves. They are a fantastic couple who are full of love for each other and others. Plus, they have LOTS of cool skills and a desire to learn and grow :)