Jeremiah&Lauren: Colorado St. Bridge

You may have seen Lauren & Jeremiah in one of my recent blog posts. Recently engaged, these two are brimming with fun. For their first location they had chosen Hahamounga Park: a place they both had gone to growing up. For their second location they chose the Colorado Street Bridge. If you have never been, the bridge has a lovely view especially at dusk when you can see the sun setting behind the San Bernardino mountains. The bridge feels like a place someone would go to really think things through. For Lauren and Jeremiah this bridge is where they first began a journey that they now know will last a life time; it was one of the locations they went to on their very first date (so cute!!). Back then I'm sure they didn't know that one day they would be revisiting that same bridge as an engaged couple about to join together for a life time of adventures. So here is to revisiting places that give us meaning, remind us of where we have come from and get us giddy about where we are going.