Geoff & Elizabeth's Engagement Session pt.2 Huntington Beach

Geoff and Elizabeth both share in an eager desire to share Love with the world in beautiful and powerful ways. I know both of them intentionally engage one another and the world around them with boldness and tenderness by how I see them interact with one another. Over the couple years of knowing Geoff I have gotten to hear of some crazy and wild adventures he has gone on: like biking hundreds of miles with little to nothing, or watching him step out and engage with stranger in a shopping center. I was always totally amazed and inspired in the ways that Geoff trusted and faithfully stepped out into life. He has a beautiful childlikeness to his faith that bears some wonderful and crazy adventures.

It's so easy to go about our everyday lives to put our heads down and get caught in the motion of things rather than looking up and into the eyes of another. One thing I've learned about love is that it's outward focused; it engages with others. Karin Mains has this great quote in her book Open Heart, Open Home (If your looking for a book on hospitality I HIGHLY recommend it) 

"We must learn to initiate love even when we have not been asked to do so, even when there is no return or when we are not sure how people will respond." 

Love is brave, and it steps out boldly. My encouragement for you today is to look up and step out today. Yes we all have quieter seasons of less engagement, but that shouldn't be every season. I think Bob Goff would back me up here (ever read Love Does? anther great read). Love looks outside of itself and seeks to pour itself onto a world needy of a love that will redeem it. Go Love!