These are the quiet moments, where I am graced with the space to just see. To let my eyes follow the light towards the little glories all around me, hidden in that mason jar and in the pane of glass and in the basil plant. And my soul delights in these things, these little things; the purple light that comes through the lens from I don't know where, the bright green and blue and purple that commune together against a beautiful white window sill, the tiny water drops inside the jar, the light picket fence, and the color of that soap, those pink flowers and the way their color pops and the edge of their petals look like a flamenco dancers skirt. All these things fill me and my heart overflows, and this is what thanks looks like for me when I work.

I realized I haven't shared some of my personal work in a while, and wanted to extend to you an invitation in, this is what it looks like. It looks like loving the light around, following it and letting it fill my heart with beauty till the thanks pushes out all on its own. Hope you enjoy and are encouraged towards new vision and the freedom to explore gratefully.