Thanks Mom!!

Have I ever told you how much my mother loves me or how incredible she is? Well she loves me to space and beyond and back. And she is so strong, smart, talented and beautiful. I could go on, but its not mother's day yet so I've got to save the really good stuff ;) Anyhow, she recently finished knitting a pair of socks for my husband, I should really say re-knitting because they didn't fit perfectly so she just remade them!! She is awesome. So in the mail we got the second sock, which we had been waiting on, AND this hazelnut orange biscotti drizzled with dark chocolate!!! AMAZING.

So I officially invited my husband on a coffee date and the next morning we were off to Rose Park Roasters in Long Beach, one of our favorite coffee places. So I took some pictures, as a way to say "Thanks Mom". Thanks for making us tasty treats and mailing them across the country just to love on us from afar. We love you:)