Klausman Family

I met Micah Klausman when I was going to Biola University. He didn't go there but he and a couple of his friends came to campus that day to care for and love on the students at Biola in some really powerful and miraculous ways. I'll let him tell you more about it if your interested.

So, I was glad to be able to meet his lovely wife and children and to spend some time at Powder Canyon with them for an evening. The girls were so full of curiousity we could hardly get them to sit still, especially the younger one Piper. These first ones well capture what she was doing as soon as we got there, which is....running. By the end she had tuckered herself out and had probably seen more of the trail than we had. It was a beautiful day and I am so glad to have shared it with this family.

Thanks so much Klasuman family, you guys are beautiful and I so enjoyed taking pictures with you.