The Kuhlmanns

These are my folks:

My very beautiful mother and her very kind and hilarious husband. My mom and Chuck have been married for 4 years and live in Durham, North Carolina. I'm going to be honest in admitting that taking on a stepfather was not a notion that I was initially excited about or drawn to, but I can honestly say I have been very glad for Chuck's presence in our lives. Not only is Chuck extremely kind and generous to all of us, but as our past visit with them would attest, he is growing more and more funny. He is quick to crack a cheesy joke which is almost always followed by some sort of laughing from at least one of us and he is committed to trying to make my mother laugh as much as he can, which I am a big fan of. He loves zombies and tech things and is an absolute genius when it comes to computers. Proven by his 35 years at IBM, he is extremely loyal and committed, which is a huge point in my book. He also rides this amazing bike to work, which I just think is so cool. My mother is an extremely loving, creative, caring, sacrificial woman. She has taught special education for a large LARGE number of years, and has such a heart for children. It's beautiful. She also is a talented artist and is currently working on a children's book for my nephews. She is a baking and cooking master and makes some mad cookies at Christmas time. Both of them are completely involved grandparents who are so full of fun games, jokes, snuggles, gifts, hugs, kisses and good times. Essentially, they are amazing people whom I love very much.

This shoot with the two of them helped me to see how happy they make one another. It was a joy to see what gladness Chuck brought to my mom, how much he made her smile and laugh, and how much she loves being loved by him. My mother has experienced many painful things in life and it's comforting to know that God has given her a man to help her move on from those times and be renewed by love. My mother is absolutely gorgeous and I'm glad to share some of these pictures of her, they are some of my favorite portraits of her. This lake is a place that they went on a date to before they were married. This first picture is of them looking for their initials that Chuck inscribed into the wood. It was fun and odd for me to hear about my own mother's dates, but at the same time I  was glad to hear what fun they had and how much they enjoyed one another. They even recalled their very first date, which was initiated by a Craigslist post that Chuck put up in search for "a kind woman to bring him joy". He gladly admits he has found just that, as my mother admits to having found a man who will make her laugh and whom she can love. Here's to Chuck and Karen.