Tavia Grubbs

Completely radiant, wouldn't you say? This beauty was smiling all day, and I could not get enough of her smile. She has the best dimples and the most smiley smile I think I have ever seen. 

Not only that but Tavia is an amazing musician and songwriter. She recently came out with her first album, Right at the Dawn, which you can get on iTunes. Honestly I'm not sure I've ever had more fun on a photoshoot. Something that I love about Tavia is her playfulness and desire to simply have pure fun. The process of growing up in the world can often times create a real sense of needing to be business-like a hundred percent of the time. But being with Tavia was a sweet and refreshing reminder of the necessity to enjoy life and to play. We jaunted around this beautiful expansive park, laughing, throwing music sheets, shaking furry bushes, and talking about life, love and music. It was beautiful and we were blessed with incredible light to top everything off. Here was our couple hours together: