My Love

I am blessed among women and I know so because I was the one that God gave this man to. Carson is a gift always giving and one of the most trustworthy and loyal men I have ever known. Our last name, Leith, has a meaning which Carson has continually personified since I've known him. That meaning is: trusty 'til the end. He has shown this to be true in every arena of life, and I'm continually amazed by the humility, love, endurance and persistence he brings to each new situation. He has been to me a healing oil, and a strong tower to lean upon and I am forever grateful for his presence in my life.

All of these reasons and more made me glad to take photos of him for his professional presence in the world, for places like LinkedIn or his blog. So last Saturday I took him to this building (which I will choose not to name) because I knew Carson would love it for its beautiful architecture, brick walls and rich history. The lighting was perfect and we were both wowed by the location. Please enjoy some if these business-y shots of my dashingly handsome business man.