Fishing Derby

While I've been inhabiting a small room on a small hill next to a fishing resort all summer, I have rarely gone out on the water except for a handful of times. I guess it only seems little when I think of the guides that rise each and every morning before it is light out, to take a guest or group out into the open sea. But this is one of the times I was on the water for multiple hours and got to enjoy the land, and the people, and the great sport of fishing.

These photos are from a few hours  with Lyndsey & Nils, two of the crew members at the resort, as they helped with the annual fishing derby. I enjoyed my time with these two, learned a few more things about fishing, and was in awe of how beautiful a place I've been given to explore and delight in.

British Columbia is really so very extraordinary, and never have I lived somewhere so wild. Theses photos document some of the derby, some of my friends Nils and Lynds, and some of the land. All beautiful, all worth remembering. Although they are my experiences not yours, I hope you can rejoice and be thankful for them, with me. 

IMG_2259 copy.jpg

I've grown into a greater appreciation for sport fishing, in my short time here. There are folks who have lent time, patience and great observation to developing a thorough understanding of this place. There are also some who, as providence would have it, just happen to catch great fish even in their complete ignorance and lack of know how. It is really quite amazing.As the manager at the front desk said, "they don't call it catching, they call it fishing for a reason." Three hours of watching people in kayaks fish, provide this true.

But I do so admire, those who've come to know the land in such a way as to know what time of year this fish come up stream, and where a bouts the whales can be found, and what types of fish can be found in the different areas of the ocean. The owner of the lodge is like that and I've enjoyed one such conversation with him, learning how the bears, and wolves and even cougars in the area can hop from island to island. The man has fished here well over 20 years and it was a gift to be able to ask him questions of this place, and in so doing witness some of his relations to this place. It is all gift, this land, this place, these people.  I am grateful for having my camera back and for getting to remember all the beauties, joys and adventures.