Laura & Andrew's mountain top engagement

This day started like Pride and Prejudice ends; a field filled with fog, and with the sun shining through bright and brilliant. A pretty perfect way for the day to start I would say. It was hard not to stop to long and just enjoy this view.

Laura and I met in University and soon became what we often say as "bosom friends". Laura since has been on of my very best friends, and I remember when she first mentioned Andrew to me and just how excitedly interested she was in him. Although we've been physically apart for the last couple years, me in California and her in Washington, it has been a delight to hear how Andrew has won her heart, and how together they have sought the kingdom of God and pursued his righteousness.

So when I heard I would be traveling up North, and passing through their great state, I thought Andrew may want to be aware of my presence, and my photography skills, just in case some plans were brewing in his heart. As it turned out, they were (which I somewhat knew already from talking with Laura:) and so for a few months we emailed and chatted and plotted and planned, until this day of the proposal came.

I took a long drive to the ferry, then scooted off the island and drove and drove, and arrived a few days early to plan and prepare a little more. His plan was to take her on a hike, and propose at the top of the peak. So with Laura's cousin Lianna as my traveling/hiking companion, we made the great haul up the mountain. It took us 2 hrs to get to the spot, and a whole lot of hustle. The trail is Maple Loop Pass and took about 3 hrs to get to from Edmonds. The little lake that has formed in the crater is Queen Anne Lake I believe. This post includes plenty of scenic pictures, because how could I resist. While i've never been to the Alps, this felt like a taste.

The picture below is close to the spot that Andrew finally asked Laura to be his wife. It really couldn't have been a more beautiful breath taking view, and a perfect spot to ask such a meaningful and vulnerable question.  It was a true gift to get to be on that mountain with them and celebrate their commitment to partake on binding themselves together in Christ and before all their friends and family and to journey on towards eternity together. I will leave the actual proposal private this time, but the pictures below wonderfully celebrate their love, excitement and affection for one another and their zeal for life. 

I reminded Laura at this point that she was engaged and asked her how she was feeling...

Seemed about right to me:)

Something that I really love about these two is how silly and fun they are. They not only are deep, beautiful people who are firmly committed to Love, and to Jesus Christ, but they are also so light hearted and care-free. It is always such a joy to be around a couple that is not only in love, but are also great friends and can be silly and goofy and make fun of one another, and not be offended.

As we begin our trek back to the car, the beautiful extraordinary, jaw dropping trek, we came into what I will call Andrew's 2nd gift of the day. Given this gift is much lesser than being promised to the woman of his dreams whom he is deeply in love with, I think he still enjoyed it and that he still received it as a gift. His hand is the hand below