Katherine Long

Little Cat Co. That is the name of this beautiful woman's business. Katherine loves cats as the pictures prove, and what the pictures won't prove but is more true than maybe even her love for cats, is her talent as an artist. I have a very clear memory of hearing my painting professor  praising Katherine for her serious skill as a draftsman. Seriously, this woman has such a gift, and her work is incredible.

My time with Katherine was really special, an involved sharing stories, crying, laughing and remembering the past and surveying the future. Our conversation got me thinking how the loss of the ones we love can be one of life's greatest exhortations. I know this to be true from having people in my own life pass and from photographing a funeral in the past months. For me this exhortation is one to love better, to live my life well, and to cut the crap. We can fall into relating with others in such a shallow level way, even with our own family, to the point were we don't really even know them well. Its not till later that we see what could have been, what stories could have been shared and that there was a person filled with life besides us, that we passed over. It struck me the other day as I was struggling to bravely step out in loving strangers, that I may never get another opportunity to love this person again, and that the time to love boldly is now. That thought was and still is a huge motivator for me to step out in the public realm and even in my private life to love courageously. God has yet to promise me life each day, he has promised to his children life eternally, but the number of days each of us has here, is purposed to remain unknown to us. So don't be afraid to jump into the deep messy waters of knowing and loving your neighbor, or you dad, or teacher, or grocer, or street corner dweller. There are many in need of love, and how freely and generously God gives these things to us, and delights when we give them out as generously as he. Go be courageous in love beloved!

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