Well, I spent a good deal of today doing visual research and checking out other photographers. I like to keep a folder filled with different photographers and the images that they have taken that most inspire or move me. Looking at the pictures gets me antsy to take my own though and today I am yearning, yes yearning, to get out and shoot. But seeing as I have sent my camera off to get fixed and my back up just ran out of battery, I am with out. I have decided this is good for me, already it has reminded me of the gift I have often taken for granted, that of being able to pick up my camera and venture into the world to: capture, celebrate, create and remember all that surrounds me. I'm trying to patiently await the arrival of my hopefully fixed camera, which will most likely be a couple weeks.

In the meantime I'm doing business like things, and sorting through my many thousands of my own images. Here are some images that I took last year or so, and am particularly found of because they show me how light can glorify the simplest of things. These images remind me that light has the power to reveal and to glorify. Light can show the simplest of things to be beyond what I had known them to be, either because of my poor vision or lack of discipline in looking, or because the thing was mean to remain hidden from me for a time. And in a completely different manner light is able to cloth a thing with such glory and beauty that, no matter what the thing looked to be before, it is now more beautiful than it ever was and holds its viewer captive in its presence.