About Me:

Glad you're here! I'm Lauren Leith, I was born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon and have spent the past 7 years in southern California but have more recently moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where my wonderful husband currently reside.  I graduated with a BFA from Biola University with an emphasis in Photography and a serious love for learning. I make some pretty tasty and unique chocolate chip cookies, I LOVE puppies and going on walks, and swimming in rivers is one of my all time favorite activities. My house is filled with books, and I am captivated with the woods and picking up leaves and sticks and all things plant matter and stuffing our house with them. Above it all though, I am a lover of light and celebration. What I really hope for is to use my work in a way that leads you to give thanks, fills your heart with cheer, and glorifies Jesus (He is my favorite). If you have any questions or would like to make an inquiry please contact me, I'd be glad to hear from you! 

About the Business:

My business is aimed at celebrating you, your life, and your story. We will have a natural, fun and relaxed time that clients have described as “like hanging out!” I'll ask you about your story, and at times pose questions that cause you to dig a little deeper. There will most likely be lots of smiles, laughing and maybe a tear or two. I hope to engage you in a time that fills your heart with joy and leaves you with a greater understanding of the abundance of good and beautiful gifts that fill your life already.

About the Aesthetic:

You may have noticed that my work is not edited, posed or projected in the way that many other photographers create their photographs. I've taken great consideration into thinking about this, and currently these are my thoughts on the matter. We currently live in a world that promotes over-idealization and idolization of image. Photographs can and have become images of who we want to be rather than who we are and, in doing so, can subtly alter our understanding of reality and even lead us to a place of discontent; When what we see on the screen is not what we see in our houses and places of everyday living, then we begin questioning the quality and worth of what we see at home to what we are seeing on our screens.  Blog posts can be filled with pictures of bodies perfectly sculpted, dressed and dripping with expensive taste and high design, rather than giving us a picture of the hearts, minds and lives lived in those bodies. That being said, my editing is very light and limited. I want the photos I share with you to be one that speaks of what is real, of the inner realities as well as the outer.  This is a great an ambitious journey, to photograph the seen as well as the unseen, and I am not perfect at it nor am I far along in my travels. But I think that there is enough already in this world, in our lives, in each day, to bring us to a place of great joy and containment; I'm zealous about seeking to bring myself and others to a place of daily grasping those realities and rejoicing in them, and am committed to do the work of getting us there.